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What is Galionex Earn?


Galionex Earn is a unique space on Galionex where you can find earning opportunities.
Our customized global programs and innovative solutions allow us to maximize profits for all our partners, minimizing all possible risks that an investor faces at the initial stages of getting acquainted with the cryptocurrency world and blockchain technologies.
Specially designed products give you the opportunity to earn interest on your assets using several investment options. Products include Savings, Compound, and Leveraged.

How does Galionex Earn work?


At Galionex, you can earn interest by providing liquidity for specially designed and customized deposit offers. The deposit offers have different terms and conditions and are based on combined sources of income. Several methods are used to allow users to be rewarded for their participation: Proof-of-Stake (PoS), DeFi protocols, and crypto arbitrage trading.
Galionex utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in a suite of Earn investment tools. The connected AI algorithms work with DeFi protocols and are synchronized with crypto-arbitrage strategies that include trigger price, profit-taking price, stop loss price, slippage control, grid mode, and investing mode.
For more details, please refer to the Terms and Conditions for each product.

How to start earning?


Decide on the product you are interested in, choose a cryptocurrency, and deposit the desired amount into the product. You will usually be able to see your earnings on your dashboard the very next day. There may be differences in some products. Please refer to the respective terms and conditions for more details.